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Dear Friends

Merino has grown from Strength to Strength over the past five decades, and we have established our unique identity in the fields of Surfacing Solutions, Restroom Solutions, Furniture, Agri Products, and IT Services. This progress was possible due to your support, commitment, and a firm guiding philosophy of “Economy | Excellence | Ethics”.

Our growth over the years has been on three fronts:

  • – In our Economic Operations.
  • – In our ability to Positively Impact Lives.
  • – In Championing Sustainability.

Whilst most are aware of our Economic progress, I wanted to take this opportunity to share our efforts in “Changing Lives, and Championing Sustainability”.

Merino has been empowering children through quality education & mid-day meals. Our scholarship programs are now beginning to enable bright, but underprivileged children take up professional careers. Womenfolk are being provided with vocational opportunities for self-reliance, our Medical Teams are serving suffering populace with special focus on Tuberculosis Irradiation Programme collaborating with DOT, Govt of India. And our sanitisation drives are keeping many families safe & secure in these pandemic times.

Our positive footprint in Environment care, under the five pillars of Energy conservation coupled with increasing use of Green Energy, Water conservation, Reduction of Air pollutants, Waste recycling, Large scale Plantation, and Use of Organic manure with lowering use of Chemical Fertilisers, and Pesticides in agri farming are making a distinct imprint in & around our Plant Sites.

I am seeking to share a short presentation deck which brings to life, the “Humane” elements of Merino group. And with your support, we will continue in our journey towards “Changing Lives, Championing Sustainability”

My best wishes are with you, and your near & dear ones, at all.

Prakash Lohia
Managing Director,
Merino Group

Merino Group believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a mindset that instils socially responsible thinking coupled with formulating a strategy to use our skills and resources thereby creating a positive change in the livelihood of the underprivileged sections society. Our willingness and commitment towards CSR was conceived much prior to the time it was made a part of statutory enactment for imparting a part of our business profits towards larger good.

As a concerned corporate, we believe it is our duty to support the weaker sections of society through our sustained CSR projects. The focus is on the following programs which the company has initiated, through contributions made to its dedicated registered CSR Trust namely Sri Hara Kasturi Memorial Trust, formed specifically for this purpose.

Our CSR programs are dedicated towards following segments with specific programs designed for each segment, running smoothly

  1. HealthCare
  2. Children Development
  3. Environment
  4. Women Empowerment
CSR Committee
  • Shri Prakash Lohia – Chairman
  • Shri Prasan Lohia - Member
  • Shri Bama Prasad Mukhopadhyay - Member




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